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Part A - WAC-173-925 PCR Content Rule DRAFT

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The Department of Ecology is developing postconsumer recycled content rule language for RCW 70A.245. Language is being developed in consultation with a 12-member advisory committee and utilizing input from all interested parties. Draft rule language is being developed in four parts:
  • Part A - Definitions
  • Part B - Producer registration and fees
  • Part C - PCR Content
  • Part D - Enforcement

The current version open for comment contains draft language for Part 1 - "Definitions" only. Updated revisions containing additional draft sections will be posted for eComment as they become available. eComments will be open throughout the drafting process from April - October 1, 2022.

Provide comments and suggestions for Ecology's consideration on the current PCR Rule "Definitions" section below. Draft changes are highlighted in the document in yellow with context provided in comments. Submitted comments should provide the following:
  • Company or organization
  • Alternate draft language
  • Reason for suggested change
  • Potential benefits or consequences of proposed change

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