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Managing HFCs and refrigerants at end-of-life

The Department of Ecology is seeking ideas, input, feedback, and suggestions about how to design a program to address end-of-life supervision, handling, and disposal of refrigerants—especially those that contribute to climate change or damage the ozone layer. The program needs to address both industrial and commercial refrigeration as well as consumer appliances, equipment, and products (such as auto AC recharge products and tire inflators).

Ecology is especially interested in hearing about:
  • How to encourage proper recycling and disposal of household equipment that contains refrigerants.
  • Ideas for incentives to encourage homeowners and businesses to safely dispose of unwanted refrigerants and refrigerated equipment.
  • Ideas for incentives to encourage businesses to reuse or recycle refrigerants in their equipment.
  • Challenges that businesses and equipment manufacturers may face in transitioning to safer refrigerants.
  • Examples from other states or jurisdictions with incentives encouraging reuse or recycling of refrigerants, as well as users’ experience with those programs.
  • Costs associated with proper recycling and disposal of refrigeration equipment and other items containing refrigerants or other hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).
  • Who should be responsible for costs associated with recycling or reclamation of refrigerants.
  • For example, what are some possible funding sources for incentive programs?
  • Should refrigerant manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, or others should be required to participate in an extended producer responsibility or product stewardship program (similar to Washington’s eWaste program)?

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Next steps: We will use your feedback to develop a report to the Legislature with recommendations for creating a program to address proper end-of-life management of HFC and other refrigerants.

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